About Me

Hello Namaste Salam to everyone. First of all I want to say thank you for loving my project and supporting me always.
Am deepak from India, born on december, 1991 and am a software developer. I am post graduated in MCA (Master of computer application) from IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University). I was the big fan of nimbuzz before. I joined in 2008 using my yahoo account. Nimbuzz was the platform where I started learn coding and IT skills. I prefered to learned java because java is most secure, free and can run in all operating system though its very complicated and tuff. I believe there is nothing impossible it's just matter of time how fast you grab and understand the logic. I believe in hard work and focus we can achieve anything.


Hoivia is "hoi" (means Hi) and "via" (Through). So it's mean you are connected someone through hoivia. I know most of us says Hi. But i found when you speak english accent then it's sound like "hoi".

Some says when you fall in love with someone and you have strong love feelings then you see them everywhere around you even when they are not with you or they are not talking with you. via word i taken from a girl whom I love in this galaxy. so hoivia is also dedicated to her. You can live with anybody, you can settle with anyone. But the person whom you loves never leaves you alone.


  • Started my career first as freelancer from 2013 - 2015 for making little application for nimbuzz. (Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic 10)
  • Learned and worked under guideness of my java Professor company Aarya Infotech PVT. LTD. 2016-2017
  • Worked with TVASTAR ENGINEERING SOLUTION PVT. LTD, GURUGRAM on IOT(Internet of Things) projects. 2017-2018
  • Worked with ICC Loyalty, Noida on Middle East Banks Projects. 2018-2019

About Hoivia

  • One of my nimbuzz friend message me on Mid of 2019 and then we decided to make own app like nimbuzz. I had no experienced on android and I forgot XMPP. So first we learnt android and XMPP own.
  • After two month my friend left because of personal issue. so I started work alone.
  • In 26 of Augest 2019 launched first version of hoivia.
  • Am so happy to inform you that now hoivia having alot of supporters.
  • Special Thanks to hardsoul, Bawa, Rachel, katreeya, raj, ana and jaka (Please don't mind if i didn't mention special thanks to you because some peoples lives in heart even when you are not mentioning them).

Thank you so much for visiting.

Deepak Kumar Maurya